Our Story

About us

We are a young family nested in the mountains of the west. If we can be of any service to you be it one-one assistance with one of our products, or a business partnership, please email sean. We look forward to connecting.

We’ve chosen to do a few things, and do them well.

Vancillary is a husband and wife team located in the Selkirk Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, who spend a lot of time reflecting on the problems that we encountered in our own build, coming up for solutions for them, and bringing them to life. Could we help someone else building a van to their wants and needs, to suit their life, eliminate a much mental friction, make decisive choices, and get you to the best part: enjoy the life you’ve built for yourself.

Building a van involves dozens of complex decisions. Let us take a few of your plate.

This isn’t your typical parts storevan store. We’re a young family who’s chosen to We’ve chosen to focus on areas where we can really add value to your build. do a few things and do them really well.