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Sprinter Van Headliner Shelf DIY Kit

A unique van must be built, not bought. Use our 3D-scanned template to craft a perfectly tailored headliner shelf out of plywood, then paint, stain, or fabric wrap it to perfectly match your van’s interior. Mount it with the included hardware and call it a day.

Stop looking at that unused space above the driver and passenger seat and turn it into functional storage. A headliner shelf means the end of shuffling around bags, jackets and personal items around the front cabin.

You'll save 70% compared to a generic metal shelf, which means investing that hard earned cash towards a lithium battery bank, van awning, or your next trip.  (But if you need a quicker solution, our prefab shelf can help you out)

Detailed instructions walk you through the entire process, prompt service is one email away to get answers to your questions. Save yourself from the endless scrolling on YouTube or the Sprinter forums and nail down a solution to this problem now.

Unlike other manufacturers who ran off to lower-cost overseas manufacturing (while pretending like you wouldn't notice), we've retained all our manufacturing in the US and partnered with suppliers who employ those with visual and learning disabilities.

Never forget how expensive a divorce could be. Your clever and forward thinking approach to van storage will win you the approval of your spouse and reduce the chances of a messy split.

Order before 11AM PST & we’ll ship the next day.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A model-year specific 1-1 scale paper template, mounting brackets and fasteners, and a postcard with important details on the next steps of your shelf build

    Basic woodworking skills. You're already building out a van - this is easy in comparison! Required tools: Jigsaw with a wood-cutting blade, drill with 7/32” or ¼” bit, scissors, clear packing tape, 3/8" (14 mm) wrench, screwdriver with a flat head, pencil, Philips, T-25, and T-30 Torx bits.

    To give you an idea of the shelf positioning, measure 10" down from the top center of the headliner edge. That is where the shelf will rest on top of the mounting hardware. We suggest a maximum load of 50 lbs.

    We recommend 1/2" Baltic Birch if staining or painting, or 1/2" bamboo plywood if leaving it untreated. But ¾” plywood can work too! Click here to get more details via the installation manual.

    In the guide, we used a "Church Pew Fabric". Feel free to Google/Amazon to get a sense of the colors and patterns available. No foam is needed for an underlay. For adhesion, we recommend using something simple like 3M Super 77. Simple and easy.

    Absolutely. We've had quite a few people with static bathrooms or other structures that butt right up against the headliner cavity. You can tilt our brackets sideways during installation, which allows the shelf to be installed from underneath.

    The curtain airbags above the side windows deploy downwards. Our brackets screw into existing mounting points on the vehicle chassis to avoid any interference with the vehicle safety systems. Please note that we haven’t done a live test with our product and the airbag system, and make no safety guarantee.

    No, our kits only works with high and ultra-high roof vans.

    Generous members of the van community have posted their plans for the headliner gap template here!

    Yes. As long as it has the stock headliner, you should be good to go!